How to Prevent Rape? – Women Safety Tips ||

No matter how developed our society becomes, we can never consider it developed enough till the time it is not safe for women. On News channels, newspapers etc. we daily hear incidents of women being molested or raped.  Whatever the opinions of people be, but we all know it’s not a woman’s fault if she is raped. But in case any woman finds herself in trouble here are some preventive measures for her:


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  1. Check your drink: Women should be alert all the time. If they are at any public place they should not accept any drink or eatable from any stranger. They must also be alert that the drinks they are served are free from any kind of drug or not.
  2. Pepper spray: All women must carry pepper spray with them when leaving the house alone, so in case they find themselves in any trouble they can prevent themselves. When in trouble simply spray some pepper spray in the molesters’ eye and run away from there.
  3. Buddy system: When leaving the house late at night try to take a trust worthy friend along with you because at the time of trouble he/she can be a very helpful person to you. And when with somebody the risk of getting in trouble is halved.
  4. Emergency no. : Whenever you are about to leave the house keep your parents or closed ones no. on emergency no. so that you don’t have to waste time in searching that when in trouble and everybody is easily accessible to you.
  5. Self Defense: Nothing can protect you more than you, yourself. Self-defense is the way to go, as you cannot always depend on others for your safety and well-being so you must be efficient enough to defend yourself at the time of crisis.
  6. Avoid dingy lanes: when travelling alone try to avoid dingy and lonely lane which are less travelled by people. Try to take more crowded routes.
  7. Use of safety apps: Now a days many apps are launched which ensures women’s safety and to name one such app we have ‘V with you’ app. On this app we can register the name and number of our family member and whenever in trouble we just need to press the home button twice and this app will automatically send our location to the registered no. with a message of you being in trouble, which can even unable your family to track you down easily without even being in knowledge of molester.


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